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AfroSPK founded nonprofit Art Vault Seattle's former HQ was recently featured on in the in-depth article, "The Short but Brilliant Life of Dozers Warehouse," chronicling the community impact of Dozer aka Crick Lont's dynamic Beacon Hill collaborative arts space where AfroSPK exhibited artwork.  - October 15, 2020

AfroSPK painted his Tasty Cloud motif into the "R" in the Seattle BLACK LIVES MATTER mural.

The Black Lives Matter mural being painted on East Pine Street is quickly taking shape Thursday evening. (Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

"The finished “R” in the word Matter on Pine Street. (Amanda Snyder / The Seattle Times)"

AfroSPK 'Tasty Cloud Series' was recently on view at Julian Peña Gallery  July 17 - Aug 16, 2020

AfroSPK says his graffiti and his works on canvas come from the same place. “The work that I do on the street is all about reallocation of space and reclaiming space.” The same, he says, is true in galleries. “In a way, there is no difference. The energy is still the same. It’s just on canvas.” 

-  Stefan Milne | Seattle Metropolitan Magazine 2020 

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